Image of doctor using laser equipment for eye surgery.

Laser Vision Correction with FEMTO LDV

LASIK eye surgery is the latest procedure for laser vision correction. This two-step process starts with the surgeon creating a thin flap. This flap remains hinged on one side and is gently folded back. There are two ways to perform this. The first is a mechanical microkeratome, which uses a motorized razor-like instrument for flap creation. The second is the femtosecond laser method, which is blade-free, using short pulses of light to carefully separate the layers of the cornea. This creates an ultra-thin flap and smooth surface underneath.

This first step is a crucial part of the procedure. If there are issues with flap creation, it can cause problems for the rest of the procedure and during the visual recovery process.

To ensure a painless, uniform and accurate flap, we perform the Z-LASIK procedure that uses the femtosecond laser FEMTO LDV method. This blade-free, touchless laser creates predictable flap thickness and size. In comparison to a microkeratome process that grants no leeway in hinge position or size, the FEMTO laser allows for customized flaps for every patient. FEMTO’s adjustable parameters of hinge position, size and flap shape allows the surgeon to tailor the procedure to each patient’s needs.

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