Eye doctor performing eye exam on patient.

Virtual Try-On Experience

Are you in the market for new eyewear? Use Novus Clinic’s Virtual Try-On Experience to upload a picture of yourself and see how hundreds of frames will look on your face from the comfort of your own home.

Novus Clinic is pleased to provide this online catalog of frames for you to use during the Virtual Try-On Experience. However, there are additional frames available in our office that are not found in the online catalog as well as many frames used in the Virtual Try-On Experience that may not be in-stock at our locations. All frames from the Virtual Try-On Experience can be easily ordered for you from Novus Clinic.

Use the Virtual Try-On Experience today to try glasses on online before you buy at Novus Clinic. Use your webcam or a favorite picture to see how the many frame options fit your face and get an idea of what style you’re looking for. Print out your favorites and bring them to Novus Clinic for us to find the closest match, or we can order them if they’re not in-stock. If you have specific questions, please feel free to contact our opticians at 330-630-9699 or stop in any time.

Click anywhere on the image below to get started:
Virtual Try-On Glasses