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Cataract Facts

How do I decide whether to have Cataract Surgery?

The best method is to describe to your eye doctor how the cataract affects your vision while performing your daily activities. The doctors of Novus Clinic will review all considerations with you, however please feel free to use the following list of questions to ask your doctor to ensure your peace of mind.

What should I know about Cataract Surgery?

Advanced Cataract Surgery is performed as an outpatient procedure in the Novus Clinic Surgery Center. This procedure involves removing the clouded natural lens and replacing it with an artificial lens. A family member or friend will be required to take you home and stay with you for approximately one day to aid you in following your surgeon’s instructions after surgery.

Full recovery takes a few months, and your doctor will monitor your progress to ensure you have the best eye care needed. If a cataract develops in both eyes, it is recommended to wait two weeks until the first eye heals before having surgery on the second.

Can a Cataract return once it has been removed?

A cataract cannot return because all of the lens has been removed. However, in about 1/3 of all patients who have extracapsular surgery or phacoemulsification, the lens capsule becomes cloudy. The condition usually develops one year or more after surgery, and causes the same vision problems as a cataract does. Treatment for this condition is a procedure known as YAG capsulotomy.

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