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Children’s Eye Care & Eye Exams

Did you know an estimated 80% of what children learn in school is from information that is presented visually? If your children are having problems seeing, they may not have the tools they need to learn and succeed in the classroom.

Here at Novus Clinic, our optometrists specialize in administering children’s eye care in a relaxing, fun way. We create a warm, playful environment to ensure your child feels comfortable throughout their eye exam.

During our children’s eye exams, we focus on objective testing to make it easy for children to follow. While many children can’t express their visual complaints or loss, our children’s eye doctors are trained to identify visual loss or changes without the child having to fully express them. With adults, the doctors rely upon the adult’s response to make determinations on their vision.

Young girl covering one eye for eye exam.

Optometrists Providing Top Eye Care For Your Child

Having a team of children’s optometrists and ophthalmologists at Novus Clinic means comprehensive eye care for your little ones – from routine children eye exams designed with pediatric care in mind to medical and surgical care to treat eye disease and eye injuries.

Early Detection of Vision Problems Is Important For Children’s Eye Care

Early detection is the key to ensuring your child has the ability and confidence to perform well in school. Vision problems can contribute to a child’s inability to process the information presented and to give it meaning.

Refractive errors, such as nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism, can make it extremely difficult for children in school to gather the necessary information for learning.

Similarly, functional visual anomalies, including focusing, eye-teaming (the ability for the eyes to work together) and tracking problems, can have a negative impact on children’s performance and confidence as they struggle to obtain information presented visually in educational settings.

Pediatric Eye Care is All About a Healthy Life

The link between a child’s healthy vision and their ability to learn in school is undeniable. Healthy vision in children can also contribute to building confidence in sports and athletic activities, supporting an active and healthy lifestyle.

At Novus Clinic, we believe in the importance of routine vision care in children because good vision is their right and our responsibility.

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Ortho-K Treatment: Benefits for Nearsighted Children

Since myopia is often diagnosed at an early age and progressively worsens until late adolescence, early ortho-k (orthokeratology) treatment offers a proven, reasonable method to significantly alter the progression of myopia from increasing over time. This is important because, if left untreated, high levels of myopia (nearsightedness) may also create increased risks for other eye diseases such as glaucoma and detached retinas.

By wearing ortho-k (orthokeratology) lenses to gently reshape your corneas, you or your child now have an alternative to glasses or daytime contact lenses that may correct your myopia and prevent nearsightedness progression.

Ortho-k lenses are well tolerated by children because while their eyes are closed there is less lid sensation. Additionally, since they will be sleeping in their ortho-k lenses they will not have to wear corrective lenses during the day. This means they can participate in a variety of activities, including sports, without worrying about glasses or contacts.

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