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Ptosis Repair

Eyelid Ptosis Repair

Ptosis is drooping of the eyelid. There are many causes. Most cases occur because the eyelid muscle (levator) that is responsible for moving the lid up and down and maintaining its position has become stretched or weakened. To repair ptosis, the levator muscle is identified and repositioned to its proper place. Repair of droopy eyelid is often combined with cosmetic removal of excess skin and fat of the upper lid, as necessary.

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Post Operative Expectations of Ptosis Repair

The goal of ptosis repair surgery is to elevate the eyelids to a position that allows clear vision, improves peripheral vision and provides symmetry. A reasonable expectation is to have eyelids that are even to within one millimeter. Sometimes patients will experience dryness post operatively that usually improves with time. Rarely, some patients may experience incomplete closure of their eyes that requires the use of night time lubricating ointment. Less than 10% of patients require additional revisions.

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