Image of doctor using laser equipment for eye surgery.

Limbal Relaxing Incision

LRI: Limbal Relaxing Incision has become the most popular way to manage astigmatism for patients undergoing cataract extraction with intra-ocular lens implants. LRI involves making a pair of incisions at the corneal limbus just anterior to the vascular arcade. By adjusting the length, depth, and location of the arcuate incision, one can induce changes in the corneal astigmatism. LRI procedures have gained widespread acceptance among cataract surgeons in recent years.

The benefits of LRI procedures include almost immediate recovery of vision and excellent quality of vision after LRI. LRIs are often combined with a cataract operation to reduce preexisting astigmatism and thus, resulting in better postoperative uncorrected vision. When using the Premium IOL implants in patients with over one diaptor of astigmatism, LRI might be required to reduce the pre-op astigmatism, thereby increasing the patient’s overall satisfaction.