Laser Hair Reduction Treatments

The pictures below illustrate how effective Novus Clinic’s laser hair removal treatments can be for chin hair growth.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment on Chin - Before and After

BBL (Broad Band Light) uses advanced dual-lamp technology with each lamp supplying half of the energy needed during treatment. This results in unsurpassed lamp lifetimes.

Its broad range of wavelengths allow targeted treatment for many skin conditions without the need for additional handpieces. Its flexible Finesse Adapters enable treatment of hard to reach areas, producing evenly treated skin.

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Clinical Applications

BBL™ enables treatment of multiple skin conditions with various wavelengths seamlessly using change-on-the-fly Smart Filters.

How Laser Hair Removal works

BBLs’ dual-lamp technology is designed with each lamp supplying half of the energy during a pulse. This results in an unprecedented lamp life for each BBL handpiece.

BBL employs an integrated thermoelectric monitoring assembly enabling its sapphire crystal and sensors to continually and precisely maintain temperatures from 0 °C – 30 °C with adjustability of every degree in between.

With a large 15 X 45 mm spot size and rapid repetition rate users enjoy an efficient patient throughput. Since each pulse is cooled to the selected temperature, patients enjoy a comfortable treatment.

  • BBL delivers a pulse to tissue with precise on and off timing with controlled irradiance.
  • BBL’s pulse envelop is adjusted ten times within each pulse to achieve consistent and efficient results.
  • Many systems deliver only single or double pulses with extended low power tails below therapeutic levels resulting in higher than necessary fluence requirement.
  • BBL’s square wave pulsing does not create a low energy tail and waste of energy.

Laser Hair Removal for Underarm Hair
The pictures below are Before and After shots of a patient’s underarm hair.
Laser hair removal - underarm hair before and after treatments